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Hi cuties

A trip to the zoo to see the primates for my Anthropolgy Lab.  We are going to pick a cage to go back in two weeks and observe their behavior for two hours!   FUN!!! FUN!!! FUN!!!
I have not picked yet, but I am thinking maybe the gibbons or the lemurs. 

There is a show called 'Be the Creature' on National Geographic every Sunday nights.  5pm and 8pm.  It is my FAVORITE show EVER!!  They are going to be showing primates again in two weeks.  I TOTALLY recommend it!!

Hello, baby.
Yes, they are looking at me!!! 
She's not a primate

Doesn't this orangutan just look like he needs a pen and paper so he could either be writing his thoughts or drawing. If you can imagine the fence isn't there, he could appear to be quite human-hippie like.  Don't ya think? I can almost hear him twisting the grass in his fingers.  He does appear to look quite bored.

Three Stooges, maybe?  These are Chimps.  (they are NOT monkeys!!!)  Our zoo project was to go to the zoo and see the primates and then go back and observe the behavior, do ad libs, and then put it all together.  So, Chrstine and I chose to do the Chimps.    The 'yawn' is not actually a yawn, it is how they give threat gestures. 

This is just a part of the one above.
I just love their facial expressions!

She is a young chimp.  You can't tell from this photo, but she was the most active of the bunch.