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If you must ask... IT'S ART!!
Can't you just picture this guy in Alaska pulling a sled? Isn't he beautiful?

He looks a little bit like Nike, but not as cute. This guy looks a little bit older than I remember Nike to be.

(Nike is Heather's dog)
Remember I saw Calista Flockhart and she didn't want her picture taken? I saw this lady (on the right with the tan pants), she resembled Calista Flockhart quite a bit so
I thought I'd take a shot of her side!

There's Darryl on the left side looking for the frisbie that this ladies dog kept beating XO to.

For the dog park potty story, the trash can is for poo, an those yellow handled things are pooper scoopers, which is what keeps this place 'flip flop' clean.
This plant is doing spectacular!!

That is one of those pig sounding dogs with tons of slobber hanging from his mouth. What a darling!!

For those single ladies!!! He's a keeper!!
A butterfly flying around outside the window at work..
What do you do at work?

Yes, ANOTHER trip to the dog park.

These big dogs (great danes) just love to take naps and lay down anywhere at the dog park. I love how they seem to clump up together.
Darryl working away on the couch with his lap top, in his new very cool glasses. Not now, don't take my picture... Fine, but I am not going to look at you.
I guess it's only fair to show you mine as well.

C'est ma nouvelle lunettes! (C'est vrai?)

I took this picture myself.