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It's a little too much flash, I know...  (digital)
Darryl took this one and the next one.

On the front page of LA Times this morning there was a picture of a couple skiing down the street in New York!  In contrast Kaitlin looks ready for summer! 

Laguna Beach, early Febuary.

My happy little grabbing drooler!

She loves to reach, grab then straight to the mouth!  What fun!  I can't say I remember those days, but I am sure they were tasty!
Have you ever seen so much drool?  I read it's the reason babies never have bad breath... I guess all that drool is good for something!
This week has been a pretty big week so far for Kaitlin.  She's been sleeping in her crib for awhile now, but the bassinet was still in our room, until yesterday when we packed it up!  Today before noon she rolled over twice!  To top all that off, we took the bar things off of her play gym, so it is now a play mat, no longer a gym.  Whew, she's a big girl!  2/28/06  **I have been patiently waiting for Darryl to add a blog to my site.  Hopefully he will have it before she starts to walk as I am sure there will be many updates between now and then!