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I think I should state again, that I have not sharpened, adjusted levels or anything.  Only resized for web, which means a little cropping and shrinking.

Big Licky Tongue! 

Xo chillin' on Darryl's side of the bed... 

So the story goes like this; the 35mm camera that I was using was doing this wierd thing on the film between frames which led to a happy purchase of a new one, that I have yet to really put down!  I did shoot a roll of regular film and I hope to get them back with a cd and intend to add my own shots soon.
Which leads me to why I didn't take any digital pictures this weekend for Darryl's BIG birthday outing!  Compliments of Penny. s Saturday's plan was a music filled day all about Darryl.  So it began at the Skirball.
Compliments of Penny.  This band was at a place in Los Feliz.  This was the evening band, where I remebered that time had changed, and that I am not a night person!  This band was a pretty good, although I did have ear plugs on through the entire show. 

Compliments of Kent.  Sunday, we headed over to Kent and Robyn's to have a little birthday celebration for Darryl. 

Saturday.   Starting with this 'brilliant' shot are my photos from that snazy canon camera.  I will note if I did anything in Photoshop other than just resizing for the web.   

And then Cynthia arrived!